The First One

So, obviously this is my first blog. I belong to that half of the world who may have had formal education but still lacks those writing skills. I don’t blame anyone because I can’t. The last time I wrote something other than answers on my exam was the time I still can’t remember.


Because I was schooled in one of the very good(if not the best) English medium schools and was given ample exercises and training to complete them. I was armed with those grammatical tools(which I don’t remember) to enable me to communicate to the world about anything and everything. But I never completed any of those exercises in school. Whenever time gave me opportunity to use my writing guns I outsourced them to the beautiful(na…ugly) girls of my class. The last time I wrote an essay was in my board exams of class 12th.

Writing for me has been a pain in all parts of me!!


This is because over time, I have realized writing is not just an art. It is not just a smartphone but bread of my life, or anyone else’s life. May be writing is not something I relish a lot but communicating my thoughts is something I need, very badly. This can be attributed to the fact that I have thought and at the end of the day, I belong to the species named Homo sapien –a social animal. Being able to write is today, a necessity for me which I cannot live without.  Over a span of time, I have realized this fact.

I declare that this is a personal blog, and I don’t know what a public blog looks like, if there exists any. So here it goes…


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