What I Can’t Contain?

There are thoughts which wander in our brains all thee time. Thoughts arise feelings. But showing up those feelings every time through actions or expressions is perhaps the least desired thing for us.

While there are feelings which we keep with ourselves intact, there are some which we can’t contain in us. Some of these feelings might become dangerous putting us into vulnerable situations.

For me it is anger. I can’t call it rage due to my short temper. I have often been in unwanted situations when my anger erupts.


I have had crush on a girl who is least bothered about it. She has always shown her attitude and I was pissed with it. Recently, I called her a bitch through messenger. She said-“I expected this from you”. I felt bad, real bad. Its because I never thought she was a bitch, nor I wanted to to demean her. I just wanted to let her have the dose of her own medicine. But, then I saw this post on facebook whose link I am enclosing:

I realized I had done a big mistake. I apologized her and am waiting for her to accept my apology. I think respecting women and girls is something we should never compromise with and my anger led me into all this. I think anger is one of those dangerous containers which might burn me from within someday.

For now I don’t know how to contain it and welcome all kinds of suggestions, if any.

This post was written in response to:



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