Terminal Time

“What is this life if full of care
We have no time to stand and stare.”

I remembered the lines of Wordsworth as I saw my train getting late by 6-hours. For a whole month I have had a tight schedule with my semester exams at my college in my final year. Movies getting released, IPL matches being missed and those memories which I should have consolidated but scattered them all over the campus as I bid my good bye to the college, and now a whole-lot-of-time in my hand for doing nothing.

Perhaps, it was this time god had given me time to stand and stare.

I could busy myself with my smartphone but they didn’t work. As I said god’s will works sometimes too apparently.

So I stood there on the platform and stared. I was literally killing time. I checked out some girls. But you can’t get along with this for too long. After a point of time you ought to get bored with it. One thing I have noticed about girls is they all have more or less the same look. The makeup kind-of paints them up with the same color.

I still had some time left with me.

I went to the book stand. I checked out the books. I didn’t find anything much interesting. As the owner saw me going, he handed me a magazine and said “Do you want this?”. It was a porn magazine with a very porn star on the cover page wearing almost nothing. I denied went away. Not that I don’t watch porn or I don’t have such magazines but I literally didn’t want them at this point of my situation.

I so wanted for an acquaintance to bump into me and talk. Time seemed to have become static.

Then, I saw a couple, an old couple. The man looked very weak and sick, just somehow sat with the lady supporting him from one side. The lady wept, wiping off her tears from time to time as she saw people stare at her. In short pauses, she shook her husband and spoke to him. The old man was too weak to respond to her with words. He just blinked and moved his eyeballs a bit towards her. She would get relieved on seeing this. After a while, she would again start weeping. Surely, the man seemed to be breathing his last few days.

I don’t know why but I could relate to that old man. Or anyone like me, for that matter. Being without a smartphone was analogous to being helpless, so much so that the time that I longed for so much in the past, now it simply seems to not pass.

The man was waiting there for his train to the other world, perhaps wanting to talk to his wife and may be others as well but failing to do so as his senses and fragile structure makes his devices, though available but not in a working condition be useless things to him.

This post is in response to the daily prompt.


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