The Talent of Varanasi

Environment plays a very important role in our writing abilities. Whether we want to write an article, a poem, a short story or anything else, it is important that we are comfortable with the place where we sit to write. There are writers who travel, go to places, at times some weird places just to get the required feel required for their writing, to produce that masterpiece.

But, to those who don’t write it is hard to explain all this effort that a writer performs to accomplish his writing task. The first time I heard of such a thing was Ruskin Bond who lived in the himalayan mountains despite huge fandom. If he chose to, he would have been able to afford a house in any of the cities in India or UK.

However, I felt the effect of environment in one’s writing abilities only when I arrived Varanasi. A holy city by history, it has produced some world class artists like Pt Ravi Shankar. There is a long list of such people who hail from Varanasi and here, dear readers, do presume that I am not comparing myself with any of them not to be modest but because it is just a crude fact that I don’t stand anywhere near these personalities. I have wanted to write poems in hindi since my school days. But, I was not able to complete any of the poems with just the ideas I wanted to convey.

When I moved to this city for my undergraduate studies, I felt some sort of peace and fluidity in me. I don’t know how it came but within 3-months after my coming to Varanasi, I was writing my poems completely. I wrote one, and then two and it went on and on. Of course these poems were in hindi, so I could share them with my friends there. I can’t say I wrote good poems but I wrote them completely and that is what important to me. If you(dear readers), are familiar with the language, do have a look on my poems by following the link:

Some Words

Though, I have not written a single article of this blog being in Varanasi I still believe that Varanasi was a place where I could produce my best writing. Being on the ghats roaming around, getting ideas arbitrarily and penning it down in hostel, all this was what I did in 3 years of my stay there.

Writers have a talent. But so do places. And for my abilities, what-so-ever, is a sure talent of Varanasi and not me. Incredible Varanasi! The place that got a better out of me, this is my writing space.


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