Laugh Medicine

The last time I laughed was on seeing a video. Some friend of mine had forwarded it to me through watsapp. I don’t know if the video has some copyrights so I am not gonna share it.

It was a baby video that made me laugh. He was may be, 6-12 months old. Someone from behind the camera brought a cut lemon to him and let him taste it. The child tasted it. And then started the show. He was making all kinds of funny faces he could have made, from curving his lips to shrinking his eyes and then laughing as if he had drunk too much. A little later, he started shaking his face sidewards very fast till the end of the video.

I think the video lasted less than a minute but it made me laugh my heart out. Its kind of funny, that there are some shows specifically meant to make you laugh, run for almost an hour but they fail in doing so. And then, comes this 1 minute video which compensates everything.

This post was written in response to the daily prompt.


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