Discussion Enders

Its strange and funny at the same time. I’ve had such deficiencies for a long time. I am no good at discussions and am tired of denying it, so I accept it. And I had left this blogging thing for quite sometime but returned to find this very prompt on ending discussions.

I am bad at ending discussions. Or even starting it or keeping it going. At best, I just reciprocate to the proceedings of the second person. At least I think I do that. May be I try to. I don’t know if I have ever done any bit. And frankly, I cannot add anything significant to this database. Often, I end conversations in the middle of someone else talking by interrupting and saying I had to go somewhere. Anyone and everyone could make from their faces they felt disgusted.

But, this is somewhere I can build a database of my own. This is perhaps a way to let my friends and others feel a bit more comfortable when I leave. So here is a list of a few of the points I think I will definitely remember for my next times: