Where to Go

Where to start and where to end? I don’t know. I’ve just come from a creative writing competition that lasted around 2 hours and here again, is a challenge with a much greater time constraint. I didn’t want to go. I was hell tired. But, my friends insisted.

Balance is very important in one’s life. Someone said, its all about optimization. If you study one subject more than others you are bound to suffer for the rest. You have to decide how much extra time you can give to a particular subject without sacrificing for the rest. Similarly, it is also important to allocate proper time slots to different activities of life. If one thing occupies more time than others, we should cut upon it. Wise people say so. Whenever you perform bad, there will be someone around to say these enlightening things to you. And you will always feel like your head feels light after you talk to him. No matter you follow his preaching or not.

Anyways, I have had a tough time for quite a while. So I get to hear these things quite often. I forget most of them. But there are some, which I don’t want to. The above mentioned here is one of them.


Absolute Beauty

Beauty. It lies in someone’s eyes, in someone’s lips, in someone’s smile, in those silky hairs, in someone’s soul and where not. Absolute beauty as we perceive is not at all absolute but relative.

I and my friend both agree on a girl being beautiful but I think she has beautiful eyes but he thinks she has beautiful curves.

Lets take another case. My friend believes for a girl to be beautiful, her being fair is a prerequisite. To me, fairness is no necessary condition as it is for him.

Moreover, everyone would agree and reciprocate the idea that their mom is beautiful. But then, every woman who has given birth to someone should be beautiful.

Clearly, we see that the definition of absolute beauty changes from person to person who judge others and even from person to person who are being judged. In short, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Beauty, in fact, has a lot abstract definition than subjective. It may not lie in fleshy lips, neither in eyes or anything for that matter. A beggar with the ugliest of looks might appear to someone as beautiful. It is all what and how we see the world.

Ah Hah!! Secrets!!

Brows twitch whenever this word comes around. Everyone wants to hear everyone else’s secrets. But no one wants to spill his secret. Still we do so. We share our secrets with those whom we trust. Sometimes, they are trustworthy while at most times they are not. But still, we initiate the spilling thing which are trust worthies carry on.

I am one of the persons who actually keeps a secret. Yeah, sounds difficult! I somehow have managed to do things as such. I can’t say I have never published a secret but I don’t remember doing so since my teenage. How I do so? I don’t know. May be there’s some sort of filter in my brain. Some sort of a locker which stores words like these. Or may be not. I have no idea how I do it.

What I remember is the time when I had once spilled the bean. We had finished up with exams. I was perhaps in std 3, my sister in 8. Exam papers were being shown to us and I found out that my sister had got less marks in maths paper. I rushed to my parents and vomited all I had to. Sister was scolded and punished and she didn’t talk to me for a couple of days. But hey! she never told me her secret. I found it out!!

Advantage of Foresight

Sounds like no one is in for the power given by the daily prompt. Although it is tempting to know what’s going to happen tomorrow or someday after that, but a day for that!! No. Everyone on wordpress love their life and the unpredictability of it.

But, what about those who ain’t here? What about those who are poor enough to feed themselves with twice a meal a day? What about those who live painful days and nights? Like the cancer patients in their last stages. I think they would certainly spare one day from their shortened lives so that they make lives of their loved ones safe and secure after their death. So that they meet everyone they want to and pour out their hearts before the final departure.

Life is short. And wasting days just to know what would happen next makes no sense. Its true. But still, even I would like to know the day when I die. So, I fix things up. Those things that I have been ignoring for quite a while. I am sure I shall have loose ends of threads even on the day I die. And its not like I have not wasted a day into something or the other. I can spare one for this as well.