Advantage of Foresight

Sounds like no one is in for the power given by the daily prompt. Although it is tempting to know what’s going to happen tomorrow or someday after that, but a day for that!! No. Everyone on wordpress love their life and the unpredictability of it.

But, what about those who ain’t here? What about those who are poor enough to feed themselves with twice a meal a day? What about those who live painful days and nights? Like the cancer patients in their last stages. I think they would certainly spare one day from their shortened lives so that they make lives of their loved ones safe and secure after their death. So that they meet everyone they want to and pour out their hearts before the final departure.

Life is short. And wasting days just to know what would happen next makes no sense. Its true. But still, even I would like to know the day when I die. So, I fix things up. Those things that I have been ignoring for quite a while. I am sure I shall have loose ends of threads even on the day I die. And its not like I have not wasted a day into something or the other. I can spare one for this as well.


2 thoughts on “Advantage of Foresight

  1. The last thing I would seek to know is the day and manner of my death. Since we are foreseeing, there is nothing we can do to change it. To know our death would be to live with it every day of our life and to me this would not be living…But, each of us thinks in a different way, as is evidenced in our responses. Enjoyed reading yours. Judy

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