Where to Go

Where to start and where to end? I don’t know. I’ve just come from a creative writing competition that lasted around 2 hours and here again, is a challenge with a much greater time constraint. I didn’t want to go. I was hell tired. But, my friends insisted.

Balance is very important in one’s life. Someone said, its all about optimization. If you study one subject more than others you are bound to suffer for the rest. You have to decide how much extra time you can give to a particular subject without sacrificing for the rest. Similarly, it is also important to allocate proper time slots to different activities of life. If one thing occupies more time than others, we should cut upon it. Wise people say so. Whenever you perform bad, there will be someone around to say these enlightening things to you. And you will always feel like your head feels light after you talk to him. No matter you follow his preaching or not.

Anyways, I have had a tough time for quite a while. So I get to hear these things quite often. I forget most of them. But there are some, which I don’t want to. The above mentioned here is one of them.


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