Love or fling? How to decide what it is? I am not in a mood to write anything, for the idea has already lit inside me, its nothing new. Still, I want to write this, not to share it, but to remember it. Its not that I don’t want to share this for had this been so, I would not be typing here on wordpress. In fact, I would want anyone and everyone to correct me if I am wrong.

So, when do you realize it is love? Or, a fling? Or is it that the stories that don’t work are termed as flings? May be not. But the question still remains unanswered.

In a crowded market, what you hear is a noise. And, what you do comes from the noise. You buy things that you had not planned, that looks attractive in the market light. That thing may be good. But those lights are mostly deceitful. They would deceive your eyes to make you think good for craps. Those salesmen or saleswomen would make you think you really need this coffee maker. And despite having a coffee maker at home you would end up buying it. Crowd always moves that way.

I think flings are like those coffee makers. The ones which you don’t need in your life but are made to think you really need them, love them. And, of course, you realize it. But only after spending your money on it, a part of your life into someone you never loved. You realize that something got wasted, but only after it got wasted.

And in that solitude, when you remember those curtains that you really needed, that you cannot live without, that you perhaps just forgot to buy in that noisy busy street, you realize you just missed your true love!!!