Dear LA Book

Dear LA(Linear Algebra book)

Congratulations on being able to understand my writings for this only day. But, why do you exist? Even if you exist, why you don’t get into my head? OK, you don’t get into my head, that’s fine. But why you get into other’s heads? For a whole semester, you have been giving me pain everywhere playing with my emotions, mocking about my inefficiencies.

I want to tell you LA, you are very dry. Had you been some human being, you would have never got a girlfriend. Not a single line that comes from you is interesting. You don’t impress me at all. Its been long I’ve been trying to be friends with you but you simply don’t seem to be interested at all. Whoever said ‘Books are our best friend’ must be wrong. Or may be, you are just a plain cold exception.

But I still need you. At least for the next ten days. May be you don’t like me. Neither do I. But I can’t pass without you. I’ll fail this course. You ought to help me. If we can’t be friends, at least we can trade. You ask anything from me. In return, you get into my head. Please, you need to do this. Please!!!


(this post was written in response to the daily prompt.)


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