Let Her Be

One of my earliest friends was A. We studied from the first grade till the fifth grade(in Indian schooling system). Then she went to some other school in the same town. I missed her, a lot. The only girl(other than my sister) to kiss me. I can’t say she was my girlfriend. I had never been cheesy to her. We were buddies who fought. This was our daily chore. We were made to sit beside each other by our class teacher. Fight was what we turned our productivity into. She was the one who always started it. But as surprise as were her slaps and pinches and punches to me her kisses were no different. Jumping around with wildly moving hairs, she would kiss me for no reason.

The last day she had come to school I wanted to talk to her. I would tell her bye and that I would miss her. But she didn’t come to me to say bye. Why should I? I was still in fight mode. I realized I would have to repent for it for a long long time after this day.

I still miss her…I wish that time would let her be where she was. I wish we could fight forever, laugh unnecessarily forever, cry holding each other after one would hurt the other. No matter who would be hurt. This is how she was. This is how I was with her. A boy with nonsensical exaggerated amount of feelings and excitement.

I so wish time would let her be…

(This post was written in response to the daily prompt.)


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