Oil: Me, Water:Who

My sister and I are on different poles of the the world. Not physically but nature wise.

She is outspoken, an extrovert. I am a big introvert. She knows how to deal with people. I have no clue. She speaks a lot, most often non-sense that doesn’t even comes from her heart. At least this is what I feel. I don’t speak at all. People who talk to me often complain about this. I don’t engage. She is submissive. I don’t let people do that to me. She is wise. Wisdom trickled down my head and now there is no more wisdom present in me.

My sister is not stubborn unlike me. My sister is hardworking and though I too work hard at times, I am in no match with her. My sister is intelligent and I am not. Though people around us think otherwise but I know this since I am closest to my sister. My sister has a practical approach. I am more of a theoretical guy. I focus more on how things should be rather than how they can be. My sister manipulates people. I don’t.

But still we are together and in peace keeping aside some fights we have for recreational purposes. This is all because she loves me. I don’t know why because I am not a lovable guy I realize. And I too love her no matter how different I like to think than her.

Or may be, she has no other choice.

(This post was written in response to the daily prompt.)



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