The Dead Poet’s Society

I saw today one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. The Dead Poet’s Society is a movie that turned to be unexpectedly good. ‘Awesome’ is the correct word for it.

Ever since the death of Robin Williams, I had planned to see his movie other than Jumanji. I had already seen it many times. But the plan got postponed again and again. And I didn’t know the movie starred him. Some friend of mine had given it bad review. But good lord, it is something!!

From Robert Frost to Oh Captain! My Captain! everything was just so awesome, reminiscence of childhood. Those fine school days. And plus, it gives just so good a message with such emotions spilling at the right places. Robin Williams, you really created a masterpiece.


Audience of One

Dear Ma’am

I know you might still be remembering me as the boy who wrote very bad. And may be not today or tomorrow, but some day in future, if you read this post you might be astonished. Not because I have improved so much but because I am still there. I still write. Of course I know you could still shout at my writings, pointing thousand mistakes here and there.

But I want to tell you, since the day I left the place I belonged to, I have been writing, quite regularly. I have been trying to improve upon things. I don’t know why because I am hardly concerned to prove anything to anyone. May be, because you made me feel the need to do so. May be, my ways are still not right. But, I am trying as I have already said. And may be, one day I find the right way. May be one day, I achieve what I have set out for.

Thank you for making those days miserable, scolding, punishments and those low grades. Had those things not occured to me, I would have left my efforts a long ago.

Thank You
Yours Sincerely

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Audience of One.”


Sensible thought in an nonsensical way:

Shishir said, “I failed in the last exam. It was probably because I didn’t understand the texts. Or may be I didn’t pay attention in the classes. Perhaps I didn’t understand my instructor’s words. I should have studied for longer hours. Or may be I should have sought help from my seniors.”

Shrishti said, “I topped my last exam. But what if I don’t score good in my next? What if the exam is too hard for me the next time. What if that chinese guy gets ahead of me? Oh god!! I am so nervous. I don’t want to stand second to anyone.”

Mihir said, “I passed my last exam. Today is the next exam. I didn’t study for this exam though. But I am not worried at all. This is because every moment is a new one which is the present. The moment that just passed was the past and the moment that is to come next is future to me. And I live only in present. So I need not repent about the past in which I should have studied. Nor do I have to worry about the future in which I would probably be declared fail for this exam. I just need to enjoy this present moment in which I am giving this exam.”


“If you can concentrate only on the present, you’ll be a happy man”.


I saw the movie PK yesterday. An Amir Khan starred movie was bound to hit the blockbusters. And so, it did. But it seemed less of an Amir Khan movie. An Amir Khan movie is expected to be new. Though the concept presented by Raj Kumar Hirani was new, or may be unique but the movie revolved around the same line of idealism. How we should be, how the world should be and all were the main agenda of the movie. Of course, I like messages that a movie conveys but I don’t want a teacher.

The movie had in its hold, the moments. A magnificent director Hirani and a brilliant actor Amir Khan were able to extract the emotional juices from its audiences. PK had a lot of them. Otherwise, the movie lacks everything. The story was too short for a two-and-a-half hours movie. At times, it seemed the movie was struggling to survive the time as if they had to anyhow extend the movie to two and a half hours. Again, all the emphasis was on the message and moments other than the story.

Besides all this, even the message was a lot controversial. Even I am not much convinced with the message it is trying to convey. A no religion world is more dangerous than a world full of religions. In fact, Islam was born out of violence to pacify it in the Arab. Hinduism has in its scriptures the message of love and peace. There are examples of Ashoka and others alike who encourage hindus to leave the path of violence and accept harmony as the basis of their lives. It may seem now, that violence in the name of religion is all because religion exists. But if there would be no religion, then also fights shall exist. The basis might be different. Now hindus and muslims fight with each other but at least not among themselves. At least religion gives us this benefit. And this all is when I ignore the jibe that the movie has taken over the hindu religion in particular which is bad when the message is against all religions.

At last, the movie is a disappointment. More so because names like Amir Khan and Raj Kumar Hirani is associated with it.

The Continuity

I started this blog some 6-months earlier. I vowed to myself that I would write at least one post a day. By this time I would have got some 180+ posts on my blog. But here I am. With just 33 posts I bid a good bye to 2014. But the count of posts is not something of much concern.

The concern is for continuity. I have not been able to maintain my continuity. And the key to things is continuity. Things that matter. Things which are big. Big enough to get the attention it deserves. Continuity can be achieved by developing a habit of it. It is not hard, but boring at times. May be most of the times. The only thing is that the end product is really worthy of it.

So, now what? What am I going to do to develop a habit? What should anyone do to achieve that habit which gets him to continuity? This is something important to explore. Now I don’t know what should it be but the moment I know the answer, I’ll post it.