The Continuity

I started this blog some 6-months earlier. I vowed to myself that I would write at least one post a day. By this time I would have got some 180+ posts on my blog. But here I am. With just 33 posts I bid a good bye to 2014. But the count of posts is not something of much concern.

The concern is for continuity. I have not been able to maintain my continuity. And the key to things is continuity. Things that matter. Things which are big. Big enough to get the attention it deserves. Continuity can be achieved by developing a habit of it. It is not hard, but boring at times. May be most of the times. The only thing is that the end product is really worthy of it.

So, now what? What am I going to do to develop a habit? What should anyone do to achieve that habit which gets him to continuity? This is something important to explore. Now I don’t know what should it be but the moment I know the answer, I’ll post it.


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