Revelations about my Past

It is said that if you try hard enough, you can have some revelations from your past life, assuming it exists. The key idea is to meditate and try to remember what one did in the day on day 1. The next day, try to remember for the past 10 days. The next day, try for 15, and so on…

One may or may not get to know what he did or did not do in his / her previous life. I had tried once way back and failed. But here is the thing: isn’t it better to concentrate on the present than digging the past. What is gone is gone. What will come is something still pending for future. In the midst of this is present. Remembering the past or planning the future eats out the present. And what would remain is just repentance for the unfulfilled past…sum total of the repentance of past and worries of the future.

Perhaps it is for this reason, a great man said this:


This picture has been taken from: and this post is written in response to the daily post:


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