A World Inside a Bottle

There existed a world inside a bottle. A world with people and their world, homes, family and everything. The people inside the bottle were pretty awesome and joyful and mostly invisible to the outside world except one.

From outside, all one could see was a bottle of wine, no people and their world. But this was a magical bottle to them, for the wine never got finished. No matter how much wine you pour from it, the bottle never emptied itself.

However, the creator of the bottle knew what was inside of it. He was the creator of the whole ecosystem inside it. He was the creator of the people and their homes, family etc. He knew to make a lot of things magical and useful. But he couldn’t make his people’s worry go. It is for this reason he created this bottle.

The people inside this bottle were always meant to be happy and joyful by design. And from the atmosphere created by their happy environment, secretions poured all over the existing wine adding to its quantity and replenishing all that was drained by the creator and his dear ones.  This wine could erode all the worry one had from his mind.

This way the creator of the bottle was able to take away worries of himself and his dear ones without knowing exactly how to make people’s worry go.

This is an example of delegation.

This post was written in response to the Daily Post : Bottle


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