The Daily Post: Blossom

There are words that carry with them an instinctive bias. Like ‘blossom’ almost surely gives a positive vibe. It is as if it should always be used in a positive context. It can always bring in good news and no less. While there are words which carries bias of no or negative vibes, blossom stands on the contrary.

Still, the first post I see from this day’s Daily Post series , I realize its not only a sad story, but its catastrophic. One of the lethal failed experiments which took life of the writer’s dear ones and also left him/her with symptoms leading to slow death.

Now, there are two possibilities. One, which I believe in, is the writer actually faced such a catastrophe. In that case, all my well wishes are for him. Another possibility is that the writer  wanted to create a contrast given that the word blossom is so much biased towards the positive aspects of the nature. In that case, I have all my admiration for him.

In both the cases, this story goes a long way towards worth of being shared. Period.

This post was written in response to the daily post:


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