Like brands, even people have trademarks. Not all, but some definitely have a trademark. I mean, like some scratch their nose everytime they start a discussion. I mean, like some political leaders say some punch words every now and then. Like Narendra Modi says ‘Mitro’. I mean, like some great musicians have a trademark way of composition by which the audience recognises the piece is his creation. I mean, some great actors too have a knack for trademark style of acting. We can totally relate to that in Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks to name a few. I mean, it’s completely evident that most great people have some trademark style of doing things they are good at. So, some writers deliberately develop a trademark style in the hope of becoming great writers. Such silly people!!!

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How Neighbor Made Me Cringe

She was in a jolly mood and wanted to talk – a lot today. Normally, she won’t talk much, mostly yes, no and thank you. But something was special today.

Her sons and daughters were coming back home on her birthday. She was pretty excited about what she would and would not do when they come. She had been somewhat lonely I guess. She had made a whole bunch of to-do lists which she hoped to complete before they came. I felt happy for her. At the same time, there was some sadness in the whole conversation. I just hoped she would go with her son or daughter.

Anyways, the old lady, also my neighbor went a step ahead. She planned to involve me in in getting the whole to-do list done. Wait!! What? Why? Within a few minutes she handed me one of the lists and asked me, at least I believe this is what she intended to say – “Will you get this list done by Wednesday?”

Yes, that’s right. Before she could complete the sentence her dentures, I don’t know how, just bounced on my face and hit me on my nose. And I cringed with disgust.


This post was written in response to the daily prompt : Cringe.


“The truth as we know is only an illusion” – she said. “The world as we know is also an illusion” – okay!! But which part?

My Phone? My clothes? Or the chairs and buildings and the likes? May be she is philosophical and is detached from these worldly possessions. But, then she clarified – “No silly! All. You, me, everyone and everything.” Now, I started getting worried. Especially because of her profession.

She did not have a philosophical background, nor she was a firm believer of god and its ultimate power. She was a research scientist working in the area of some very fancy name of Physics. Yes, she had told me that name. It was just too fancy for me to remember.

So here she was – a scientific girl, totally sane, at least before this conversation, who comes up with the theory that everything is an illusion.

I asked – “how do you know it is an illusion?” She retorted – “How do you know it’s not?” I didn’t have an answer. “May be because I can see things, feel them, their texture, color etc.”. She said – “How do you know the color that you see of an object is it’s true color? How do you know the color observed by a colorblind guy is not it’s true color?”

“Because he is a colorblind guy. That’s why!!”, see it wasn’t so hard to answer. “But we humans have labelled him colorblind. How do we know he is a colorblind and not us?” I didn’t have an answer. That was a dead end. I decided I won’t go out with her again.

I like to imagine this whole conversation was just an illusion.

This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt: Illusion.

Story of the Oldest Man Passing the Exam

Relieved he was…for he finally passed his matriculation. Its not a big exam, just a first step…the secondary school passing exam. Still, he was relieved. And why not, after all, it was the third time he had attempted it.

He made a bet to everyone his relief was more than anyone else’s who had passed the exam in one go. He even made a theory for it – The longer you take to pass an exam the more joyful the experience becomes once you pass it.

Suddenly, an idea struck him. Why not fail an exam long enough in order to magnify the joy and pride of passing it. And so, he started intentionally failing his higher secondary examination, again and again. Years went by. His batch mates who were already 3 years ahead of him started taking up job. He also was forced to take up some job finally. But he didn’t stop giving exam. After almost 13 years, he finally wanted to pass the exam.

But by this time, he had taken up a full time job and had a wife. Moreover, his mind was rusted to so much of an extent that his wanting didn’t have any effect on his performance in the exams.

Years went by, even more. He became a legend. At the age of 50, still determined, unshaken by the past failures. He gave an exam exam and failed again and his legendary continued.

After a couple of years, he finally passed. The oldest man to pass higher secondary. What a relief. Yes, relieved he was. And so were his relatives. Newspaper reporters came to his home to interview him. They asked – “Now that you have finally passed your exam, what do you plan to do in your spare time”?

“Graduation” -he replied. And everyone went into despair.

This was in response to the Daily Prompt: Relieved

A World Inside a Bottle

There existed a world inside a bottle. A world with people and their world, homes, family and everything. The people inside the bottle were pretty awesome and joyful and mostly invisible to the outside world except one.

From outside, all one could see was a bottle of wine, no people and their world. But this was a magical bottle to them, for the wine never got finished. No matter how much wine you pour from it, the bottle never emptied itself.

However, the creator of the bottle knew what was inside of it. He was the creator of the whole ecosystem inside it. He was the creator of the people and their homes, family etc. He knew to make a lot of things magical and useful. But he couldn’t make his people’s worry go. It is for this reason he created this bottle.

The people inside this bottle were always meant to be happy and joyful by design. And from the atmosphere created by their happy environment, secretions poured all over the existing wine adding to its quantity and replenishing all that was drained by the creator and his dear ones.  This wine could erode all the worry one had from his mind.

This way the creator of the bottle was able to take away worries of himself and his dear ones without knowing exactly how to make people’s worry go.

This is an example of delegation.

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The Daily Post: Blossom

There are words that carry with them an instinctive bias. Like ‘blossom’ almost surely gives a positive vibe. It is as if it should always be used in a positive context. It can always bring in good news and no less. While there are words which carries bias of no or negative vibes, blossom stands on the contrary.

Still, the first post I see from this day’s Daily Post series , I realize its not only a sad story, but its catastrophic. One of the lethal failed experiments which took life of the writer’s dear ones and also left him/her with symptoms leading to slow death.

Now, there are two possibilities. One, which I believe in, is the writer actually faced such a catastrophe. In that case, all my well wishes are for him. Another possibility is that the writer  wanted to create a contrast given that the word blossom is so much biased towards the positive aspects of the nature. In that case, I have all my admiration for him.

In both the cases, this story goes a long way towards worth of being shared. Period.

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Revelations about my Past

It is said that if you try hard enough, you can have some revelations from your past life, assuming it exists. The key idea is to meditate and try to remember what one did in the day on day 1. The next day, try to remember for the past 10 days. The next day, try for 15, and so on…

One may or may not get to know what he did or did not do in his / her previous life. I had tried once way back and failed. But here is the thing: isn’t it better to concentrate on the present than digging the past. What is gone is gone. What will come is something still pending for future. In the midst of this is present. Remembering the past or planning the future eats out the present. And what would remain is just repentance for the unfulfilled past…sum total of the repentance of past and worries of the future.

Perhaps it is for this reason, a great man said this:


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The Daily Prompt: Tender

Of late, I have had some hard time finding food with some tender infused in it. The harsh summer climate in my place does not let us swallow food quite easily. The paucity of green vegetables sickens me, though this sounds funny. Actually, the food with green vegetables with proper home made curry with right amount of spices has all the tender one actually needs for food. But, alas, the circumstances does not allow one of this privilege. The love and tender of biryani made in home is in no match with some mexican hot pot, at least from my perspective.

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“If you want to achieve your goal, don’t focus on them.”

This is what I have learned from a TEDx video by Reggie Rivers. Though pretty absurd it sounds to me, he quite convincingly proved his point in the video. He gives a small case study of his journey with his girlfriend, how he wanted some girl to be her girlfriend, how focusing on that goal didn’t help and how once the focus was gone, he did have a stint with her.

His point was pretty clear. The focus should be on behaviour rather than our goal. For achieving a goal is something that is beyond our control. But our behaviour is something that can be in our control if we want it to. So the thing goes like this:

  1. Set your goal
  2. Set out what you are going to do to get closer to achieving your goal. Do this for today, tomorrow and this week

This way we get closer and closer to our goal asymptotically. Sounds pretty convincing..So lets roll up our sleeves!!!

The Dead Poet’s Society

I saw today one of the best movies I have ever seen in my life. The Dead Poet’s Society is a movie that turned to be unexpectedly good. ‘Awesome’ is the correct word for it.

Ever since the death of Robin Williams, I had planned to see his movie other than Jumanji. I had already seen it many times. But the plan got postponed again and again. And I didn’t know the movie starred him. Some friend of mine had given it bad review. But good lord, it is something!!

From Robert Frost to Oh Captain! My Captain! everything was just so awesome, reminiscence of childhood. Those fine school days. And plus, it gives just so good a message with such emotions spilling at the right places. Robin Williams, you really created a masterpiece.