WHAT? A $1000000?

“Is someone joking or what? Am I becoming part of some prank for a TV show? What is this going on? Why me? Is it for real? Who was that go(o)d aunt?”

Haha. So there is this aunt of mine whom I don’t know ever existed who recently died and left me $1000000. In Indian currency that would be somewhere near 6-crore rupees. Had I been an actor of a daily soap, I would have fainted for sure.

“I would stop studying”, was my first thought. I could not keep my smile. What would I do with that huge sum? Its not that I didn’t have any desires but I had not expected such desires to transform from dreams to reality.

I felt like a winner, as if I had put some real effort for that. The world stood beneath me for a moment, but only for a moment because the very next moment I stood on the road with my toe crushed by a car. I realized the world was not ready for my madness.

As soon as I entered home I pondered over ideas as to how I would spend those $1000000. Definitely, a house for sure. But I would be left with 4-crore rupees even after that. I asked dad. He advised me to save them for future in case I needed them for college.

I asked my mom. She advised me to gift every relative a new saree. But the amount was too large for all of that. I asked my sister. She asked me to buy her a new i-phone. OK, done. Two i-phones, one for her and another for me.

But a huge amount was still left.

I tried searching on the web. I looked for ideas. I saw the post:


Not my type. I can’t give away all the money to charity. My heart is not that big.

Then, I got to see


It seems she had different circumstances.

I felt sleepy and decided to ponder the other day about how I would spend my money.


Even in dreams, I was planning about how I would spend the money. I was co-producing a film with Yash-Raj Films featuring Shah Rukh Khan. Everyday, I visited the shoot and saw the star for real. I met him, had lunch with him. Top models, beautiful actresses were to be seen all around. Wow, this was a dream come true. Was it?


I woke up at 9 am with the bank manager apologizing me as he had mistaken me for a person with a similar name. “Does that mean I have to return the cheque?”, I asked. “Yes Sir”, was all I could hear.


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