Absolute Beauty

Beauty. It lies in someone’s eyes, in someone’s lips, in someone’s smile, in those silky hairs, in someone’s soul and where not. Absolute beauty as we perceive is not at all absolute but relative.

I and my friend both agree on a girl being beautiful but I think she has beautiful eyes but he thinks she has beautiful curves.

Lets take another case. My friend believes for a girl to be beautiful, her being fair is a prerequisite. To me, fairness is no necessary condition as it is for him.

Moreover, everyone would agree and reciprocate the idea that their mom is beautiful. But then, every woman who has given birth to someone should be beautiful.

Clearly, we see that the definition of absolute beauty changes from person to person who judge others and even from person to person who are being judged. In short, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder.

Beauty, in fact, has a lot abstract definition than subjective. It may not lie in fleshy lips, neither in eyes or anything for that matter. A beggar with the ugliest of looks might appear to someone as beautiful. It is all what and how we see the world.