How Neighbor Made Me Cringe

She was in a jolly mood and wanted to talk – a lot today. Normally, she won’t talk much, mostly yes, no and thank you. But something was special today.

Her sons and daughters were coming back home on her birthday. She was pretty excited about what she would and would not do when they come. She had been somewhat lonely I guess. She had made a whole bunch of to-do lists which she hoped to complete before they came. I felt happy for her. At the same time, there was some sadness in the whole conversation. I just hoped she would go with her son or daughter.

Anyways, the old lady, also my neighbor went a step ahead. She planned to involve me in in getting the whole to-do list done. Wait!! What? Why? Within a few minutes she handed me one of the lists and asked me, at least I believe this is what she intended to say – “Will you get this list done by Wednesday?”

Yes, that’s right. Before she could complete the sentence her dentures, I don’t know how, just bounced on my face and hit me on my nose. And I cringed with disgust.


This post was written in response to the daily prompt : Cringe.