“The truth as we know is only an illusion” – she said. “The world as we know is also an illusion” – okay!! But which part?

My Phone? My clothes? Or the chairs and buildings and the likes? May be she is philosophical and is detached from these worldly possessions. But, then she clarified – “No silly! All. You, me, everyone and everything.” Now, I started getting worried. Especially because of her profession.

She did not have a philosophical background, nor she was a firm believer of god and its ultimate power. She was a research scientist working in the area of some very fancy name of Physics. Yes, she had told me that name. It was just too fancy for me to remember.

So here she was – a scientific girl, totally sane, at least before this conversation, who comes up with the theory that everything is an illusion.

I asked – “how do you know it is an illusion?” She retorted – “How do you know it’s not?” I didn’t have an answer. “May be because I can see things, feel them, their texture, color etc.”. She said – “How do you know the color that you see of an object is it’s true color? How do you know the color observed by a colorblind guy is not it’s true color?”

“Because he is a colorblind guy. That’s why!!”, see it wasn’t so hard to answer. “But we humans have labelled him colorblind. How do we know he is a colorblind and not us?” I didn’t have an answer. That was a dead end. I decided I won’t go out with her again.

I like to imagine this whole conversation was just an illusion.

This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt: Illusion.


Story of the Oldest Man Passing the Exam

Relieved he was…for he finally passed his matriculation. Its not a big exam, just a first step…the secondary school passing exam. Still, he was relieved. And why not, after all, it was the third time he had attempted it.

He made a bet to everyone his relief was more than anyone else’s who had passed the exam in one go. He even made a theory for it – The longer you take to pass an exam the more joyful the experience becomes once you pass it.

Suddenly, an idea struck him. Why not fail an exam long enough in order to magnify the joy and pride of passing it. And so, he started intentionally failing his higher secondary examination, again and again. Years went by. His batch mates who were already 3 years ahead of him started taking up job. He also was forced to take up some job finally. But he didn’t stop giving exam. After almost 13 years, he finally wanted to pass the exam.

But by this time, he had taken up a full time job and had a wife. Moreover, his mind was rusted to so much of an extent that his wanting didn’t have any effect on his performance in the exams.

Years went by, even more. He became a legend. At the age of 50, still determined, unshaken by the past failures. He gave an exam exam and failed again and his legendary continued.

After a couple of years, he finally passed. The oldest man to pass higher secondary. What a relief. Yes, relieved he was. And so were his relatives. Newspaper reporters came to his home to interview him. They asked – “Now that you have finally passed your exam, what do you plan to do in your spare time”?

“Graduation” -he replied. And everyone went into despair.

This was in response to the Daily Prompt: Relieved