Generous Genie

Being a genie is not something I ever wanted to be. Not that I don’t want to fulfill other people’s wishes but I definitely don’t want to be confined in a bottle or something. But, I believe myself to be a genie for a while. After all, it is all hypothetical.

I have to give three wishes to someone. May be someone who is in need. Or may be someone, whom I love. But, how would genie love someone. They live so long. I have never seen a female genie or heard about her. If they don’t have their female counterparts, then they don’t have sons, unless of course, there is some sort of artificial methods involved. So, they can’t love their sons as even they don’t exist. Since, they don’t have sons, they don’t have their mother. With no mother, there is not even a father. They don’t have any sort of relation whom they can love.

Then, there has to be someone who is in need and also one who deserves it. However, it is not very encouraging to think of being a genie. I would rather be someone who meets a genie. Asking him with loads of worldly gifts and another set of three such wishes every time I used my third wish. 

But, given the circumstances, I have nothing to become but a genie. So, there has got to be someone whom I would grant these wishes. First, I think of someone who is very much needful, like, may be a beggar. Or, may be a student who cannot afford to pay for his studies. Or, may be a woman who has lost her love and is in a great pain. I might bring her lost love back. 

But then, I would fulfill the wishes of only one such person and its difficult to choose and pick one. I choose to fulfill the wishes of someone who himself chooses to fulfill the wishes of others all his life and also enable him to transfer that power to another person, when time is deemed to be fit for that. Of course, fulfilling wishes like bring someone’s lost love is something not possible, perhaps. But, it is quite possible to fulfill worldly needs and desires.

I think that would be the person, whom I would choose to grant wishes.