The Surprise Gift

There have been a lot of vending machines here and there. To be honest, I hail from that part from India where such automated vendors are very rare. One can see them only as ATMs and weight measuring devices. Recently, I saw a machine delivering railway tickets at a railway station in New Delhi.

But, I have seen them delivering chocolate bars and and other stuffs in TVs. Yes, I know such things exist in some part of the world where perhaps, there is a shortage of population or may be, they are developed ones.

I don’t know if such a vending machine exists which I am thinking of but still, I am hopeful there would be one to come up. My vending machine would deliver gifts. Now, why gifts?

Gifts are something that are required almost everyday and at any moment of time. Lets say, I forgot to buy a gift for my girlfriend for her birthday. I call her at mid-night and wish her. She asks me for a present and, logically I should not disappoint her. I should gift her something nice. But how do I do this at mid-night? In present scenario, I would make excuses that for some realistic reason, I would not be able to come up to her. But, I really want to meet her.

Now, if the gift machine exists and there is one installed on the way to her home, I would just have to go there and fetch a gift on the way. Of course, there would be different choices of gifts available and also there would be choice for the kind and color of wrapper for the gift.

That gift would not only be a surprise gift for the one receiving the gift but also for the one gifting it.

Lets imagine another situation. Lets say you are a grandparent to a child and you are going to visit him. On the way, he calls you and asks you for a gift. That gift may not necessarily be the one you have brought for him and you are too tired to go to a shop and do those talking and bargaining and choosing etc stuffs. So what you do is simply stop at a machine and ping on the screen with that particular gift your grandchild has asked for you.

You may also be a husband coming after a business trip or have suddenly remembered in the evening that today was your anniversary. What you need is an instant gift for your wife.

Gifts are something that are needed everyday and almost anytime and their demand is never going to diminish. So, for me, a gift machine is one which is sorely needed but doesn’t yet exist.