Intrument I Chose

I never played an instrument. But I see people playing them. Some of them sound good. Some don’t. Some are really monotonous. Some won’t leave your ears and heart for a very long time. I can’t say I never wanted to play an instrument but I never got time to learn one. Being a mathematics student doesn’t help with time management for such extra curricula. 

But, I have tried my hands on a few of them. The first one was Tabla. I was 9 when I first started learning tabla and I was 9 when I stopped learning tabla. Tabla is percussion instrument with 2 components: tabla and duggi. Tabla looks lean and thin and duggi looks like his fat brother. They sound terrific when played by a professional. Ustad Zakir Hussain is a living maestro who plays tabla. I won’t go into details why I stopped learning tabla.

The second instrument was a harmonium. My sister used to play harmonium. So, my dad brought one in home for her practice. I tried my hands on it for quite some time. A harmonium is a keyboard instrument like an organ and all you do is striking the keys with one hand and pumping air in the instrument with the other hand. When played properly, I provides a very good base for a song.

Recently, I tried my hands on guitar. In my university hostel, I had friends who played guitar very well. So, one of them, Ralte, who played the best among all tried teaching me. I learnt to strike chords for a couple of songs and then forgot. May be, I was not that good with the instruments.

But there is one instrument whose sound is very pleasing to me. That is flute. My classmate played that.  He performed on stages and also for us in our leisure time between lectures. A flute is a wind instrument and I guess, the most difficult to play. But the sounds that come from it, is worth everything.