“The truth as we know is only an illusion” – she said. “The world as we know is also an illusion” – okay!! But which part?

My Phone? My clothes? Or the chairs and buildings and the likes? May be she is philosophical and is detached from these worldly possessions. But, then she clarified – “No silly! All. You, me, everyone and everything.” Now, I started getting worried. Especially because of her profession.

She did not have a philosophical background, nor she was a firm believer of god and its ultimate power. She was a research scientist working in the area of some very fancy name of Physics. Yes, she had told me that name. It was just too fancy for me to remember.

So here she was – a scientific girl, totally sane, at least before this conversation, who comes up with the theory that everything is an illusion.

I asked – “how do you know it is an illusion?” She retorted – “How do you know it’s not?” I didn’t have an answer. “May be because I can see things, feel them, their texture, color etc.”. She said – “How do you know the color that you see of an object is it’s true color? How do you know the color observed by a colorblind guy is not it’s true color?”

“Because he is a colorblind guy. That’s why!!”, see it wasn’t so hard to answer. “But we humans have labelled him colorblind. How do we know he is a colorblind and not us?” I didn’t have an answer. That was a dead end. I decided I won’t go out with her again.

I like to imagine this whole conversation was just an illusion.

This post was written in response to the Daily Prompt: Illusion.


Familial Feasts

I truly believe celebrating dates for relatives like father’s day is something I don’t want to say on the blog. Dear readers(if any), don’t think that I do not have my father with me, nor I hate him. In fact, I love him-a lot. But that doesn’t mean I dedicate him a day in a year. As if for the rest of the days he would hold some less importance in my life.

Some might argue dedicating a day is a sign of respect or honour, one expresses toward his relatives, father being the recent case. But then, why not dedicate 2-days or 3? Who would say his father is respectful for the exact amount of dedicating 1-single day?

What I don’t like even more is the way people celebrate these days. On a father’s day one may write huge loads of quotations on facebook, all in the name of father even when his father is not on facebook. Moreover, what is the use of such writing if you are living with your father? You could wish him personally.

But still we do celebrate a father’s day or a mother’s day and so on…just for the sake of their being priority in almost everyone’s lives. But who after your father, a more distant relative?

For me that would be granny’s day. I don’t know if such a day already exists but this is what I come up with. The reason being obvious-that most grannys do connect with their grandchildren well. They form a bond with us which even our parents are not able to make with us in order to discipline us.

A granny is an old friend with huge wrinkles and weak voice with a lot of experience and power. Of course, they don’t lift weights but they are powerful enough to save us from our ferocious parents when we break a flower pot, or when we fail an exam, or when we hit our neighbourhood’s kids. They even save you when a neighbour complains to your father that you had sneaked and misbehaved in his daughter’s room.

When we have dedicated so many days for so many people, let us dedicate a day, or may be 2, to our oldest and most powerful saviour who is so much loving and and caring yet with whom we feel secure to share our secrets, our little escapades of life.

This post was written in response to the daily prompt.