Birthday Party!!!

I am not much of a party lover. Neither I throw parties nor I attend them. I may have to throw a party or attend one sometime or the other, but I try my best to avoid them.

The last time I threw a party on my birthday was when I turned 6. Now, I am 23.No claps, please 😛 . There were so many children here and there shouting and howling so much that I pleaded mom on my next birthday not to throw such parties. This is no genuine reason for my introversion I do realize this, but hey, I don’t make good excuses. I just make excuses and throw them here and there randomly.

I think birthdays are more of a discreet celebrations. A time when you want only your very dear ones to be with you. A time when you want to recompose yourself, take account of what you have been in the past, compare them with your expectations and take note of how you will be going forward with your life.

But anyways, birthdays are birthdays. A mark that you have grown a bit more experienced from the past year. It is an accomplishment. So, it is worth celebration. It is worth partying. People may want to booze all night and there is nothing wrong in it. Its good to let loose oneself for once a while. 

However, birthdays are also a time to thank god for the life, good or not that good, he has showered on us. We can always find people in conditions worse than us. I think that is also a way of partying. 

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