Ah Hah!! Secrets!!

Brows twitch whenever this word comes around. Everyone wants to hear everyone else’s secrets. But no one wants to spill his secret. Still we do so. We share our secrets with those whom we trust. Sometimes, they are trustworthy while at most times they are not. But still, we initiate the spilling thing which are trust worthies carry on.

I am one of the persons who actually keeps a secret. Yeah, sounds difficult! I somehow have managed to do things as such. I can’t say I have never published a secret but I don’t remember doing so since my teenage. How I do so? I don’t know. May be there’s some sort of filter in my brain. Some sort of a locker which stores words like these. Or may be not. I have no idea how I do it.

What I remember is the time when I had once spilled the bean. We had finished up with exams. I was perhaps in std 3, my sister in 8. Exam papers were being shown to us and I found out that my sister had got less marks in maths paper. I rushed to my parents and vomited all I had to. Sister was scolded and punished and she didn’t talk to me for a couple of days. But hey! she never told me her secret. I found it out!!