Picky Tongues

So, what does my tongue pick? Not to savour this time but to exclude it. What would it be? Which taste is the one which I dislike so much that I won’t mind if my taste buds won’t recognize them?

Salty? No. I really like cooked food and those utterly tasty junk foods. Pav Bhaji is a delicious dish in India.

Sweet? Oh, please. How can I live without jalebis? In the early mornings of Varanasi even Steve Jobs was fond of them.

Sour? May be. But no. I like amla and lemons. They are a rich source of vitamins and it feels so good to have them after coming from a scorching sun.

Bitter? Yeah! bitter!! I don’t like them. That bitter gourd my mom makes. I just wish I don’t have to eat them again but that wish has not come true till date.

Bitterness neither in tongue nor in our life is desirable. But surely, they are essential at times. Bitter gourd helps you with digestive well-being. Similarly, bitterness in life at certain periods is essential to make us realize how beautiful our life has been. That teacher, who is strict and tough and mean at times, often rewards with the best of knowledge that we cherish for the rest of our lives.

Whatever be true and reasonable, but please!! no bitter gourd. If I get to choose a flavour that my tongue will no longer be able to distinguish, that would be bitter.

Imagine, how good would it be if we get those nutrients of bitter gourd without having to taste their bitterness. How good would it be when our moms won’t shout at us for not eating them? A real fantasy land I suppose.

Imagine a flatterer who gives us the best of knowledge, brings the best out of us without being mean or strict or harsh. Now, I am really delving into fantasy land. 🙂