What if- No Fear?

One of the feelings that freezes me in sleep is fear. However, its foolish to claim that anything but sleep freezes me in my sleep. But there are dreams, where situations arise that brings to us fear and also the sense of captivity. Whenever I have such dreams, I pray to god the next morning not to give me such dreams anymore.

But, fear is something that comes out of dreams in real world as well. In every day life fear hops here and there. What if I fail in the exam tomorrow? What if my girlfriend dumps me? What if I that body builder trashes me in a corner? I can assure my readers if I go with such what ifs I would surely go on infinitely. 

But here what I am to discuss in this post is a different what if. What if I have no fear? So, does it mean that the poem of William Shakespeare about fear is really to come true? Now, that is a weird thing to happen. 

It means no more hiding from that creepy girl trying to hit on me. It means no more stammering on stages. It means performance amplified. It means better marks in exam papers. It means no more running away from that BIG boy. It means no more fear of death as idealised by Shakespeare. It means fearlessly going to that beautiful girl and asking her out. It means playing in rains without the fear of getting ill. It means living life as it comes. Oh wow! what a world would that be!! Thanks daily prompt for giving me this feeling.

As I fantasized this fearless world over and over again, I thought may be all this is in mind. May be, I can overcome fear all over. My mom called me from the other room and ideally I used to go to her right then. I didn’t respond to her in my new fearless world. She came and hit me with her broom. Here crashes my fantasy island!!

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What If?

What if the sun rises in the west? Would hindus then worship in east and muslims in west?

What if I got good grades? Would I become famous? Would that hot girl in my class then become my girlfriend?(no, believe me)

What if Deepika Padukone comes to me and asks for a kiss?

What if this. And what if that.

What if I were to relive the past?(prompt)

All these are hypothetical questions which cannot be true from the human knowledge gathered till now. Yes, good grades are something you cannot find on my transcripts.

And so is tracing back my past.

The fact that these can never be true makes them even more wondrous. At nights, when you have no more energy left to do anything significant, you wonder such things. This can also be said day-dreaming, I suppose.

So what if I were to relive the past week? I wonder.

This week started with my offer letter for admission to a graduate program. So that is a good thing. I may want to relive it. But then, I had to cook on my own as my parents were not home. Though I am not a good cook but I managed to make some khichdi that was neither raw nor burnt. So, for me, even that would be an accomplishment. I may want to relive even that. But, I lost someone and my parents were gone in the funeral of that ‘someone’. I would definitely not want to relive that. There was sadness all over. So I would not want to relive that either. In short, I would not want to relive that past week which has just ceased to be as time is the most transient thing we have in world.

Moreover, time that remains for us in this world is itself a decreasing function of time. I would want to live every moment fresh not a stale one.