Mexico vs Netherlands World Cup 2014

Till the end of the first half, neither Mexico nor Netherlands were able to score a goal. For a team like Netherlands which stood so strong in the previous matches it seemed a bit weird. There was something essential that the team lacked yesterday.

Within 5-minutes of the start of the second half Mexico had scored a goal. Now there was something really wrong about the Netherlands and something particularly good for Mexico. No doubt Mexico has been a good team in the World Cup but it could not be considered a real contender of the trophy. And then, if Mexico would beat Netherlands knocking them out of the World Cup, that would be something really mind boggling.

But hey, here they are, 5-minutes to the end of the match and still, Mexico led by 1-0. Mexico had played well and maintained its lead till the very end of the game. Suddenly, the power shuts down. But I am at peace, as I knew the result. I was so sure that Mexico would win. It was bound to win. What could go wrong for them in the last 5-minutes? Absolutely nothing! Really?

The next morning I see the newspaper to see what!!? Netherlands won by 2-1. Has there been some misprint? I read the whole report and then confirmed online. Really, Netherlands had won the match. In the 88th minute, Wesely Sneijder scored a goal for his team making the final score 1-1.

Ok, but 2-1?? How?? In the 5-extra minutes after 90 minutes of play, Huntelaar scored another goal getting the final score to 2-1. Its like snatching a piece of bone from the mouth of a dog.